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Points of interest editor, coordinate finder and visualizer on-line utility.

Manage POI files

Online POI Editor, converter and visualizer with world maps at street level

Online POI edit & map tool

Edit and map POI's in TomTom OV2 files, Garmin GPI, Garmin CSV, Garmin GPX, Navman CSV,
Nokia LMX and Google Earth KML POI file format.
Always up-to-date and online. Installation not required.

POI Manager - Online
Select your TomTom OV2, Google KML, Garmin CSV, Garmin GPI file, Nokia LMX, XML GPX or Navman CSV file
GPX or OV2 file name:

Enter a file name or create a new POI file for Garmin,
Navman or many other GPS units.

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